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About me
I have written five travel reports and I shall write more. I also publish other people's stories, naturally after asking permission. Facts about countries can be found here.

A Journey To Constantinople

- In this trip, taking 20 days, I visited Kiev, Chernovtsy, Bucharest, Turnovo, arrived in Istanbul and then returned home in September 2001. (RUS)

7500 Kilometres Across Turkey

- A story in 6 parts about my 50 days-long journey featuring St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Chernovtsy, Odessa, TURKEY, Novorossiysk, Moscow, St. Petersburg (August 6 to September 22, 2002); About West, Center and East of Asia Minor. I entered Turkey two dollars rich and got out thirty days later carrying the same amount of cash. (RUS)

A Relation Of My Wanderings In Southern Provinces

- A story about my great trip to China I made in July to September 2003, in 12 parts. On my way there and away, I also visited Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Siberia, Mongolia, and Uzbekistan. (RUS)

Upplands saga
- A story about little 10-days trip to Finland and Sweden: Kemi, Piteo, Umeo, Uppsala, Vasteros, Sigtuna, Stockgolm, Turku, Helsinki, Vyborg. (4-14 of May 2005) (RUS)
Fine red line
- A story about my 60 days-long journey featuring St. Petersburg, Moscow, Vladikavkaz, GEORGIA, TURKEY, SYRIA, LEBNON, JORDAN, AZERBAIJAN, Dagestan, Kalmykia, Volgograd. (July 3 to August 31, 2005). (RUS)

Theory Of Hitching

- My personal hitching philosophy. (RUS)
by other authors
- A short report by Maris Valdats and Janis Krumins (Latvia) about their trip in western China.(RUS)
Hitching In Uzbekistan
- A report by Semyon Pavlyuk about his trip to Uzbekistan in September 2002. (RUS)